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Free download Sting APK for Android

2024-06-12 17:23

Description of Sting Navigate your fighter through gigantic space hulks to deliver that fatal sting.This is a fast paced action game that requires quite a bit of concentration. To play:* Swipe left/right/up/down to position your fighter.* Fire your primary and secondary weapons as needed using the on-screen buttons.* Keep and eye on your health, energy and shield levels.* Oh - and remember to turn left after destabiliziwingo 2ng a reactor core to exit the space hulk before it explodes.Technical Info:Because it is fast paced the game requires steady, high FPS to be playable. Be sure not to have a lot of background apps running while playing. In the settings menu there are two items that can be used to balance visual fidelity and performance:* Native resolution* Dynamic shadowsOn a small (up to 8 inches) high DPI screen there is no reason to render at native resolution so it can safely be unchecked to save battery.

Version history Sting New in Sting 1.2.4 - Bug fixes related to level 17-20 Please rate this app

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