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Free download Greedy Birdie APK for Android

2024-06-12 16:58

Description of Greedy Birdie Greedy Birdie is three awesome games in one!Game 1 - Greedy Birdie: Try to catch worms before you run out of energy. Your oversized frame needs all the energy it can get.Game 2 - 3D Birdie: Fly through as many stone pillars as you can.Game 3 - Greedy 3D Birdie: A combination of the other 2 games. Fly through pillars, eating worms on your way.Instructions:- Tap the screen to fly.- If you miss a worm, you lose a life- Eat a worm to gain it back (maximum 3 lives)Enjoy! :)

Version holly rummyhistory Greedy Birdie New in Greedy Birdie 1.2 Fixed Bug where Menus screens sometimes hangAdded Visual Lives gain and lossPerformance improvements for low-end devices. Please rate this app

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